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Parish Child Protection Policy

The Parish of Downpatrick has a Safeguarding Policy in place in relation to the Protection of Children.

Our Code of Conduct is displayed in The Churches, The Parish Office and St. Michael’s Parish Centre.

We have an active Child Care Committee in operation, the committee oversee the “Safe Selection and Recruitment” Policy. The Policy ensures that ALL Clergy, Employees and Volunteers are Vetted and Recruited in line with current Diocesan Policy. The Child Care Committee have been fully trained, each staff member, whether they are Clergy, Employees or Volunteers have been instructed via Parish Information Evenings on their Roles and Responsibilities. 

Child Protection is central to the wellbeing of Children and Young People as they play their part in the life of the Catholic Church. 

As a Parish, our Code of Conduct promotes an ethos and provides a set of practical policies and procedures to support the development of Children & Young People , which will ensure their Security and advance their confidence and independence. 

If you would like further information on Our Policy, please contact:

Yvonne Maguire 

Parochial House 
54 St Patrick’s Avenue 
BT30 6DN

Alternatively, you can visit 

Child Protection Policy: About Us
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